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Garage Door Repair Tips

Garage doors help to make our lives more simple and have been used for many years. Then suddenly, the door stops working and it will need some repair.

This guide will explain the most common types of garage problems that can occur.

  • Noisy Door: If the garage door is noisy, then it could cause many problems, especially for your neighbors that stay near you. Fortunately, there is a way for noisy doors to be fixed and all it needs is a combination of routine maintenance and the replacing of the parts. Afterwards, if there is still noise then the hinges are probably going to be replaced. There is also a possibility that the roller have worn out and became noisy because the bearings have stopped rolling smoothly.
  • Frozen Door: Many times during winter, the garage door can be stuck with ice, but if it is minor ice then it can be broken when you hit the opener button. If the door doesn’t budge on the first try, then don’t bang on the automatic opener button. It is most likely that there is a serious problem with the openers, which could include stripped gears, broken springs, and a burned-out motor. There are different ways that can break the frozen connection. This includes trying to use a heat gun or hair dryer in order to melt the ice and free the garage door.
  • Safety Issues: The overhead garage doors weight hundreds of pounds and if it is not properly equipped, then it is nothing but a safety bomb. There have been many cases when a garage door injures or kills an adult, child, or household pet. Thanks to the modern automatic door openers, this issue has been greatly reduced in numbers of cases. If it is time to get a new garage door opener, installing it is not just for the convenience but for the safety of you and your family.

Daily Maintenance for Garage Door

If the door is doing well now, then all you have to do is some simple inspection and maintenance routines. Doing proper and consistent maintenance will help correct any future problems and stop any problems that are just beginning to start.

First you should examine the rollers and tracks that is on the garage door. It’s important that you clean the rollers and tracks with a nice brushing and you should lubricate the rollers and axles. You should also clean the bearings on the roller because they can also wear out. If your rollers don’t operate smoothly, then you should replace them as soon as possible.

The tracks on the walls controls the roller and guides them to an overhead garage door. Tracks are assembled into sections and are attached with brackets and make sure that the sections are secure. It’s also important to check that all the screws are properly tight into the brackets.

You can also check some cables and pulleys in order to makes sure that they are not damaged. If there are any damaged or frayed cables, then you should call a professional to come in and replace them immediately.

Repairing Garage Door

First of all – if you’re in doubt, consult with an expert. We recommend our friends over at Garage Door Solutions for your all of your Garage Door Repair OKC needs. If you’re outside OKC, search around for the best licensed garage contractors.

Many overhead garage doors either roll up in sections or swing up and operates on a spring tension. The door is moved by metal tracks that are on the garage walls and has a heavy spring that provides power. If the door isn’t working properly, then the repairs to fix it are fairly simple. These are a few tips that you can take into consideration when repairing your garage door.

One thing you should do is check the metal tracks that is inside the garage. Then look at the mounting brackets and if they are loose, then you need to tighten the bolts or screws that are in the brackets. While doing repairs, make sure that the garage door is closed, then examine the tracks for any dents or flat spots. If you see any damaged spots, then you should pound them with a rubber mallet, or with a block of wood and a hammer. If the tracks are really damaged, then they will have to be completely replaced.

Next you should check the track levels in order to make sure that they are properly aligned. The horizontal tracks should be slanted slightly and vertical sections should be exactly plumb. Both of the tracks should be the same height on the garage walls. If you notice that the tracks are not properly aligned, then you should loosen the screws but do not remove them from the mounting brackets and put the tracks into the proper position.

You need to clean the tracks often with a concentrated household cleaner in order to remove the dirt and hardened grease. It’s also important to completely clean the roller and wipe down both the tracks and roller so that they can be dry.

Lastly, you should check for any loose hardware and tighten them if needed. On doors that roll-up, it’s important to check the hinges that hold the sections together on the door. On doors that swing up, check the plates on where the spring is and be sure that the screws are tight and tighten any that are loose. If there is a screw hole that has been enlarged, then replace the screw with a longer one that still has the same diameter. Then use a hollow fiber plug with the new screw.


There can be many issues with a garage door and it can possibly be overwhelming. Having annual maintenance is very important, so that if there are any issues, then you can get them resolved immediately before the situation gets worse and you have to replace the entire door. If by chance, that you are not able to or can’t fix the garage door, then you should look for professional help that can do it for you. A service technician will be able to do all the maintenance and repairs that you will need for your door such as tightening the bolts and screws and adjusting the spring tension.